Ron Kaufmann – Buyers Specialist

Like you, Ron Kaufmann is a consumer and has specific expectations when hiring a professional to provide a service. Ron is licensed as a Broker with the Bureau of Real Estate. Mr. Kaufmann loves to build relationships, provide superior service, educate and manage the purchase process with skill and care. Ron has a strong team within Anne Schreiber Homes, Compass to support him.

Mr. Kaufmann has fifteen years of experience in mortgage and real estate.

Having lived in San Diego since 1986 in various zip codes, Ron has learned a great deal about San Diego, our neighborhoods and enclaves.

Unlike many other agents, Ron’s approach to his specialty as a Buyers Agent is unique in that he “absorbs his clients’ needs and wants as his own”, providing crucial input and consult for buyers. Having worked with various inspectors over the years, Ron’s attention to detail makes him an invaluable resource and someone you want working for you. Ron possesses a keen ability to help buyers navigate the purchase process, both from the financing side as well as the intricacies of contracts and disclosures. Ron’s work ethic, unwavering positive attitude and commitment to superior service will match you with your perfect home, while protecting and negotiating so you can retire your debt as fast as possible.