Don Schmitt is, “our behind the scenes, silent warrior that vigilantly looks out for the best interests of our clients.” As the Transaction Coordinator, his role is to review each transaction file to ensure that all documents are executed accurately and completely.

His meticulous attention to detail is reflected in his educational background: Don holds a BS in Accounting and a BS in Computer Information Systems. Born in South Bend, Indiana, he was raised in southwest Michigan and moved to Chicago after college. He relocated to Southern California in 2012.

It was clearly an excellent move. “In my life and world it’s the three C’s,” Don says, “communication, cooperation and care. I like working with Anne and the team because they not only like doing things the right way, but also the honorable way.”

As Don points out, “Due to our clients’ unique needs and desired outcomes, no two transactions are alike.” With his proactive, protective approach toward sellers and buyers, it’s no wonder that Anne Schreiber says, “I absolutely LOVE having Don on my team!”